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Welcome to my fanfic page! All stories involve the television series Forever Knight--although I've also written several crossovers, so a few other series are lurking around as well!

2 July, 2020: Newly available story. Also the last 'progress page' update--stats on all stories, whether posted or not.


Am still planning on adding ePub versions of the older, already up fanfics as well, if that is of interest (I would assume it is?).

I'd love any comments, so feel free to contact me! Also if there's anything you'd 'like to see' feel free to suggest it!

Series Stories:

The 'Hunted' Series:

Hunted - Third season story - 95K - First in series - June 1999, Revised Nov 2000
After an undercover assignment nearly ends in disaster, a stirring in the Community causes panic to run through all.
Death and Life - 156K - Dec 2000
Second in series.
Uncovered** - 80K - Dec 2000; up Feb 2002
Third in series.
State of Change** - 144K - Feb 2001; up Feb 2002
Fourth in series.
In Excess - 100K - March 2007
Fifth in series.

The 'Another Knight' series: (finished)

Another Knight - Post LK - 108K - First in series - January 2002
A year after LK, Natalie is hoping against reason that Nick will either contact her, or return. Then, he shows up, but not all is well.
The Past, Present, and.... - 30K - March 2002
LaCroix' reminiscences of the events that had led him to Toronto.
This is a companion piece to 'Another Knight', which should be read before reading this; however, this story is not needed to understand the later ones in the series.
Pawns of Kings - 627K - February 2002
Everything is back to 'normal,' at least before Reese assigns a special case to Nick, Nat and Tracy. At the scene they discover the victim and two little holes in their neck. It's the beginning of a set of events that spiral out of control....
Third in series starting with 'Another Knight.'
Blood of One's Desire ADULT - 189K - February 2002
As Nick's control slips, he finds himself in a bad situation that only gets worse.
Fourth in series starting with 'Another Knight.'
A note...while the main version of this story is adult a PG13 version (170K) can be found here.
~~ 2002 RavenAwards Gold Winner - Novus Adultus Category ~~
Consanguinity ADULT - 183K - April 2002; up June 2002
Fifth in series starting with 'Another Knight.'
Things Fall Apart - 372K - December 2002
Sixth in series starting with 'Another Knight.'
Just as everything was seemingly going well and finally settling down, everything starts to fall apart....

A 'new' series:

Something Curious - 168K - June 2003; up March 2004
Something interesting (and quite unwelcome) is found on LaCroix' doorstep--literally. Late third season, after all but LK.
A bit of a different take on a kind of story/series I've seen done.
Something... Opportune... - 131K - July 2003; up March 2004
That something adds a minor problem for LaCroix, and the others. (sorry, can't say more cuz...well...let's just say there's a couple more characters).
Note: this series from here down is probably not for the die-hard NNPackers out there...
Something of Great Need - 113K - August 2003; up July 2004
Title pretty much says it. And what happens when needs can't be met?
Something Slaughtered - 150K - Sept 2003; up July 2004
And again.... Let's just say a lot of assorted things die, and hunting is a prime topic....

A short trilogy of sorts:

Mixing Minds - 14K - Dec 2001
Set soon after the events at the Azure...a Val fic, well, sort of.... ;)
~~ 2002 RavenAwards Silver Winner - Primus Category ~~
A Wistful Thought - 25K - Feb/May 2002
Set immediately after the end of 'Last Knight,' and a somewhat sequel to 'Mixing Minds,' but I believe it also stands on its own.
Forever Mine - 23K - Dec 2002; up Sept 2003
Set a few months after 'A Wistful Thought'. I'm not sure it quite stands on its own. It draws mostly on the results of the previous story.

Non-Series Stories:

Conversion Day fics:

A Game, Indeed - 11K - July 2004; up Aug 2004
It's August 24th again, and LaCroix is getting a bit of a rude awakening. A bit of a Conversion Day fic.
A Special Offering - 27K - August 2002
Conversion Day Fic...need I say more?
Reunion** somewhat ADULT - 14K - August 2003
Another Conversion Day Fic....only available here still.
An Unexpected Gift ADULT - 17K - August 2002
Conversion Day Fic...what can I say, I had more than one idea, so I just wrote 'em both.

Other Non-Adult Non-Series fics:

Christmastime** - First season Christmas story - 40K - Dec 1999
Natalie decides to invite Nick to her family's Christmas celebrations, that is if she can get him to come.
Downward Spiral - 415K - Oct 2006; up April 2007
Vampires are being silently killed, seemingly randomly, and blood is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain. Main characters are Nick, LaCroix, Schanke, Janette, Natalie, Aristotle (about in that order). Second season.
Elusive Gains - Natalie ePub - 374K - Aug 2004; up Nov 2005
With an attempt to help her new patient, Natalie is faced with distrust and lies...but also a slow progress that she cannot ignore. Pre Dark Knight story. Original version.
Elusive Gains - Nick** ePub - 401K - Late 2011, up Dec 2013
Nick's POV of the above, some 'new' scenes. :)
Fiat Justitia - 131K - Dec 2003; up Jan 2004
LaCroix gets pushed to his limits when something from his past comes and wants something *very* valuable to him. Lots of LaCroix...Nick probably doesn't have a good time.... Late third season story (after Ashes to Ashes).
Food for the Soul - 30K - December 2002
Just something that was inspired by a...drinking song, of all things. That, and a music history class. It (along with a minor explanation of how this fic came to be) can be found here, but other than a few lines appearing in the story, the song has absolutely nothing to do with the fic.
Forgive Us Our Trespasses** ePub - ~1.8Mb - 2010/2014, up Jan 2016
Vampires are being forcibly revealed, with Nick and Schanke assigned to the team to raid the Raven...only Nick is AWOL. Starts late (very late) second season.
Frailty ePub - 178K - Nov-Dec 2005; up May 2006
Natalie is attacked, and she goes to Janette for help, which draws in first LaCroix and then Nick. Main characters are Natalie, LaCroix, Nick, Janette...about in that order (or maybe with Nick and Janette switched...). Mid-late second season story.
Intoxicating, Isn't It? - 12K - May 2003; up Sept 2003
Er...don't ask, really don't ask. LaCroix pays a little 'visit' to Nick and that's all I'm saying on this....
Temptation - 152K - Early 2004; up Aug 2005
Nick ends up with an unusual and untrusting guest, and he goes to the only person who might have answers...only to pique LaCroix' curiosity. Distrust and temptation abound due to blood and its ties. Second season.
Trust** - Pre Dark Knight story - 51K - Dec 1999
It's been over a week since Dr. Lambert's first undead patient woke up and no contact from him. Has he accepted or declined her offer for a cure.

Adult Non-Series fics:

Aftermath** ePub ADULT - 320K - 2012, up Jan 2014
Natalie goes missing...with permanent consequences. Nick's POV.
Rated 'adult' mostly due to some warnings/topics.
Broken Lies** ePub ADULT - 727K - Dec 2011, up Mar 2014
Mid third season broody Nick story.
Rated 'adult' primarily for a couple of scenes.
A Choice** ADULT - 17K - January 2003
Just a little thing that came about out of boredom...the above says most of it.
Conceded Inhibitions** ePub ADULT - 200K - Oct 2004; up Dec 2013
Late second season UF story. Nick and LaCroix are stuck together once by LaCroix' doings, then by Nick's.
Fulfilment ADULT - 343K - March 2003; up Dec 2003
This is a cross between a 'world finds out about vamps' story and one that has a lot of Nick, and Nat...and LaCroix, and Cedric (original character...read to figure out who he is...he shows up fairly close to the beginning), it's also a bit UF, or a lot, depending on how you look at it. It's a mid-Third season (just before Fever) story.
Shades of Grey ADULT - 237K - January 2003
This is the result of a crazy idea that...well.... Suffice it to say it's a late (ie after the season) second season story. It's 'UF' in nature...please read disclaimers.
~~ 2003 RavenAwards Gold Winner - Adultus Category ~~

Crossovers: Forever Knight with other shows

Allies and Alliances** - FK / Star Trek TNG - 248K - June 2000; up April 2002
Sequel to 'The Elder.'
Along Came A Slayer - FK / Buffy - 58K June 2002; up Dec 2002
Sequel to 'The Living Undead', although it also stands on its own.
It's also the only crossover that's managed to make its way to fkfic-l.
The Elder** - FK / Star Trek TNG - 164K - Jan 1999
Nick and Natalie join the crew of the Enterprise only to discover an unexpected acquaintance of their's to be under investigation.
This is also the first fanfic, FK or otherwise, I wrote.
Evil Within** - FK / Poltergeist: The Legacy - 141K - June 2000
A delivery of an artifact to the San Francisco Legacy House and a vacation for Natalie leads to a recently delivered artifact and journal, one that has links to their guest.
**NEWEST**Future Tense** ePub - FK / Highlander - 585K - 2012 / up July 2020
Set more in the FK universe, immediately post Last Knight...which doesn't go quite as expected.
The Living Undead - FK / Buffy - 74K - Nov 2001
Nick goes to Sunnydale to help out an old 'friend'.
A New Race Discovered** - FK / Star Trek DS9 - 112K - April 1999
Soon after Zualtechian diplomats and Ambassador Knight arrive on the station, a mysterious illness starts spreading, along with an assassination attempt.
Paradise Interrupted - FK / Doctor Who / ST:TNG - 126K Sept 2003
Set in the ST:TNG universe, FK characters: Nick and LaCroix. Written December 2002.
Suspicions** - FK / X-Files - 130K - May 1999
A string of bloodless bodies and no leads cause Captain Reese to call in a couple of FBI Agents who specialize in abnormal cases. Once they arrive, suspicions arise about the killer(s).
Secrets I** - FK / Highlander - 133K - Feb 1999
Tracy discovers a mysterious young woman near the precinct who despite her vampiric nature is ill. When Tracy asks her what to do, she's told to call the Raven. Only crossover as far as concept.
Secrets II** - FK / Highlander - 151K - Feb 1999
Sequel/continuation of Secrets I. This one actually has the Highlander people in it...heheh.
Time and Time Again** - FK / Star Trek TNG - 82K - June 1999
A shuttle craft becomes trapped in an anomaly and is sent back to the end of the twentieth century. When the Enterprise is pulled in, the crew discover that two of the crew aren't who they appear to be.
A Trial Run** ePub - FK / Stargate SG-1 - 133K - 2012 / up Aug 2016
Set more in the SG1 universe, post Last Knight.

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