Forever Knight
He was brought across in 1228,
Preyed on humans for their blood,
Now, he wants to be mortal again,
To repay society for his sins,
To emerge from his world of darkness,
From his endless...forever night!

Nicolas de Brabant aka Nicholas (Nick) Knight is an eight hundred year old vampire who has been many things--anything from a killer to a doctor. For over a century he's been searching for a way to become mortal again, trying to find a way out of the darkness that consumes his desires.


What all began his life of darkness rests in Nick's participation in the Crusades, and on his way home from them, in 1228 France, he was seduced by a woman--Janette. She then 'introduced' him to Lucien LaCroix, who brought him across that same night. Janette has been a variety of roles for Nick through the centuries. She has been his lover, his wife, but most importantly a friend who he often turns to. Janette was brought across a little less than two hundred years before Nick, and together, they have been LaCroix' two most prized possessions--Nick in particular.


To Nick, LaCroix is his enemy, friend, brother, father, and everything in between. LaCroix, originally a Roman General brought across in Pompeii as Mt. Vesuvius erupted--and still very much Roman--is against his son's quest to become mortal, and constantly thwarts his attempts, reminding Nicholas of what he is and that it cannot be changed. He will not give up his son under any circumstances.


After waking up on a medical examiner's table, Nick was given the opportunity to once again work on a cure. He took the offer and stayed in Toronto, becoming a homicide detective for the Metro Police Department and trying to return something to society that he had once taken away. The coronor, Dr. Natalie Lambert, becomes not only an assistant in his search, helping him along and reminding him of what he wants, but also a friend and link to the mortal world.


In the first two seasons, Nick is paired with Detective Donald Schanke--something that at first he wanted no part of. The two slowly but surely formed a strong bond, and although Schanke often teased Nick, or hit close with some of his comments...they formed a close friendship--something that Nick, as a vampire, rarely gets to be a part of. Despite their closeness, Schanke knows nothing of his partner's dark secret, only that Nick eccentric with his sun 'allergy', the bottles of 'wine' in his refrigerator and the fact that he never seems to eat anyting....


In the third season, Nick's partnership with Schanke is suddenly ended--as Schanke died at the hands of a bomber. Tracy Vetter, who had been assigned to him temporarily, reluctantly became his new partner. The often perky blonde detective shares a common thread with Nick in that her father is also very demanding. From a family of cops, she finds obsticals in her path...not to mention having to deal with the existence of vampires in modern day Toronto. Yet, to her, Nick is just her skeptic mortal partner who, in her eyes, is sometimes too protective of her.



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Geraint Wyn Davies - Nick Knight
Deborah Duchene - Janette Ducharme (seasons 1-2)
Nigel Bennett - Lucien LaCroix
Catherine Disher - Natalie Lambert
John Kapelos - Detective Donald Schanke (season 1-2)
Lisa Ryder - Detective Tracy Vetter (season 3)
Ben Bass - Javier Vachon (season 3)
Gary Farmer - Captain Stonetree (season 1)
Natsuko Ohama - Captain Amanda Cohen (season 2)
Blu Mankuma - Captain Joe Reese (season 3)

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