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There are at present nine of these, all made using one of LaCroix' broadcasts/monologues. I'll probably be adding more in the future. If there's one you'd like to see done (or even a scene from one of the episodes) just contact me with that section and the episode it's from. If you see something that should be changed or have any suggestions, please let me know. :)

Please do not put these on your or other sites without permission as I did make them. Otherwise, enjoy!

Note: These use JavaScript and may not work if you have an older browser.

Madcrawler Monolib 1

Madcrawler Monolib 2

Madcrawler Monolib 3 (a short one)

Madcrawler Monolib 4 (another short one)

Madcrawler Monolib 5 (a looonng one)

Madcrawler Monolib 6

Madcrawler Monolib 7

Madcrawler Monolib 8 (a really short one)

Madcrawler Monolib 9


Do you want to know what was really said? I have them up on this page with which episode they were from. These and the madlibs may change slightly (probably just punctuation) when I redo quotes for some of the episodes and/or look though the ones I did.

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