Haha...now to the really boring page....
A few somewhat interesting links and stuff I've stumbled upon that doesn't quite fit in any other part of my site (although a few pages come pretty close)....


Not much here right now...just have a couple of links that I could find/remember off the top of my head...lol...will add more later, maybe. (And feel free to recommend any.)


Jeri's Doctor Who fanfic page: Always the Third Doctor - This is one of the first fanfic pages I found, way way back when there was only a couple of stories on this page. Cool stories if you like Doctor Who. It's been a while since I've read them, but I still remember bits and pieces of them after...uh...I would have found this page in 1994 or so (maybe 1995), probably....

Contrabass Mania - Okay, probably not interesting to most people. I found this page a long time ago (ie, 1995/1996). It's a page for low pitched musical instruments. One of the more interesting parts is the Contrabass Compendium (aka the encyclopedia of really big wind instruments). What's scary, is I've actually played one of those...lol...just one, though...don't own any, though...closest I come is bass clarinet.

The Internet Archive - Neat site. Especially the Wayback Machine. What's scary is you can see more or less what my site looked like back three years ago...scary...at least they don't have my first page archived (although, they might, since I don't remember the address that was at).

Dark Side of the Net - Lot's of links. Cool links. Lot's of dark stuff relating to all sorts of different things. I even got linked a short while ago (both the Xover Fanfic Archive and the FK Main Page).

Okay. Yeah, I've been running this for a while...gives my computer something to do during all the time it's on and I'm just staring at it (so I don't feel so bad about paying for the electricity to run it...heheh).

And...the FK fanlistings I belong to (can also be found on the general links page of the FK pages)....
- A fanlisting for fans of Forever Knight
- A fanlisting for fanfic lovers
- A Nick and LaCroix (Unnamed Faction to be a little more specific) fanlisting
- A fanlisting for Nick, Natalie, and LaCroix

Fanlistings I'm both in and help out with can be found here and are linked individually on the FK links page.