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Just a bunch of archives here so far....

Multi Fandom
Fan Fiction on the Net
The Fan Fiction Directory
Dragon's Library
The Dragon's Hoard Fiction Archive
...Mightier than the Sword
Shadowcat Fan Fiction Archives (Deutsch/German)

Single Fandom - Forever Knight Fan Fiction Archive
The Gossamer Project - X-Files Fiction Archive
Babylon 5 Creative Archive - Alternate Universe Archive
Seventh Dimension Highlander FanFic Archive
Slayer's Fanfic Archive - Buffy and Angel Fanfiction
Poltergeist: The Legacy Fanfic Library
Heliopolis - Stargate SG-1 Archive
Guide Posts - Gen Archive for The Sentinal
TPFICT Archive - The Tomorrow People Creative List Archive
alt.startrek.creative Archive
due South Fiction Archive
Lois and Clark Fanfic Archive
Le Femme Fiction - Le Femme Nikita
Dark Angel Fan Fiction Archive

For more Forever Knight fanfiction links, go here.

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