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Hi everyone! Welcome to the Unholy Trinity faction homepage where the theme is Nick, Natalie and LaCroix--together. We believe that the three can have friendship (and maybe a bit more<g>). The last bit there is from the original faction page. This faction is for the three in all aspects, showing the complex interactions between the three--LaCroix, wanting his son, Nicholas, back and to act as he should, and Natalie, who is working with Nick, helping him regain his mortality and humanity.

What episodes can Nick, Nat, and LaCroix be seen together?
    Be My Valentine, Night in Question, Fever, and Last Knight

Images and Quotes from the above eps

UT Fan Fiction

If you have, (or know of for that matter), any fan fiction, images, or other fan created bits that include the three and show a bit of this, please tell me about it, and I'll see about getting it put up here.

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